Combustion unit with a capacity of 200 kg/h

Configuration sample
200 kg/h Waste with a calorific value of 9.301 kJ/kg (e.g. household waste)


In contrast to conventional systems, our patented grate can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

Everything you need to know about other components

Of course a system also includes other components, such as

  • Pipelines
  • Air/Air cooler with W2E possibility
  • Emergency and primary chimneys
  • Additive systems
  • Filter systems (bag filter or ceramic filter systems)
  • Suction and fresh air blower
  • Sensors and control systems
  • Conveyor belts
  • Exhaust gas monitoring system
  • and other plant components

However, these are to be planned individually, if necessary also locally available and therefore not part of a general presentation.
Of course we can offer everything turnkey ex works.

To protect the environment and to avoid unnecessary transports we would like to point out our license option. 
The conditions for this are currently being worked out.

Let's talk about it.
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