Chimneys for exhaust systems

Clean gas (exhaust gas) chimneys

The main stack contains 6 measuring points which can either be optionally occupied with measuring instruments, for example for continuous emission measurement, or used for own purposes. The chimney can be insulated on the outside.

All chimneys are offered in a standard construction height of 6 m, with the possibility of an extension to 9 or 12 m. Other heights as special design.

Standard executions

Please note that each system requires an individual configuration.
Therefore, examples cannot be used for planning purposes, but only serve as rough information.
We always calculate your system individually according to your specifications and requirements.


Depending on media
Carbon and stainless steel of various classes

Construction height:

6, 9, 12 m

(others on request)


355.6, 508, 559 mm 

(others on request)

Wall thicknesses:

Determined by design

Gas measuring connection:

Up to 6 pieces


External insulation possible