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Environmental protection

Environmental protection has a status of growing importance.

As a result of population growth and the development of technology that consumes more and more resources, the environment has been massively damaged.

This has been recognised and in the 1960s governments began to restrict activities that led to environmental destruction.

Nowadays we can detect environmental damage more quickly, but in the end we do not make enough efforts to prevent any kind of environmental damage.

The protection of the environment is necessary from various angles.

Climate change is progressing in an almost inevitable and destructive way.

Permafrost soils thaw and release gases, bacteria and toxins that threaten our lives.

Rising sea levels threaten entire regions with total destruction.

Soil, water and air are contaminated by waste and climate-wrecking methane is released in large quantities through decay.

Environmental pollution through toxic substances is progressing.

Droughts and water shortages lead to population migrations as the basis for their life is deprived.

The loss of biological diversity is continuing.

The introduction of invasive species endangers also the biodiversity of our habitats.

Genetically modified organisms, bacteria and viruses are emerging.

We must protect what is important and exceeding vital for life!

We have it in our hand to preserve our livelihood!


Environmental due diligence

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"For the future it is not a matter of predicting it, 

but of making it possible. „

Quote of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Citadelle, 1948