Anti-corruption commitment

Code of conduct

 Our company is committed to a sustainable use of the resources, the growth of our company, the economy itself and also for fair trading.

A decisive factor for the success of our company is our reputation.

It applies to us to protect it.

Hard but fair competition forced us in the past and also in the future to clear and immutable values.

Our company makes only legitimate deals!

Our commitment is based on integrity, fairness, sustainability, and honest partnership to everybody equally.

You can be confident that we are allways act legally correct.

Each employee is personally responsible for compliance with our code of conduct.

Donations and advantage grants of any kind in and by our company are forbidden as far as an intention is existing to influence the own or the behavior of the business partner in an incorrect manner.

We are only available for legitimate projects and deals.

We call on the behavior of everybody to remain integer and not to participate in corruption!