Larger systems as individual solutions

The construction of larger facilities is just as possible as that of smaller ones.

They work just as well, but on a larger scale.

It is only a question of design and plant engineering.

Since everything has to be calculated and designed individually, it is unfortunately not possible to offer these plants "out of the box".

Therefore, these enquiries and offers are also subject to a charge due to their cost.

Summary of example combustion plants of type SICF-S
Mixed waste, sludges

SICF 200-S - SICF 1000-S 

200 - 1000 kg/h for sludges

up to 2000 kg/h for solid/mixed waste

Individual presentation according to plant size

SICF 200-S (200 kg/h)

SICF 300-S (300 kg/h)

SICF 400-S (400 kg/h)

SICF 500-S (500 kg/h)

SICF 600-S (600 kg/h)

SICF 800-S (800 kg/h)

SICF 1000-S (1000 kg/h)

up to 2000 kg/h for solid/mixed waste