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Control cabinets

Control cabinet

The control cabinet of a plant is a complex system that always has to be adapted to each individual plant, as the requirements and designs of a plant correspond to local needs.

It also includes the logical, i.e. software solution for each individual plant.

Therefore this item is always considered as an independent component.

The design of a control cabinet includes everything that belongs to it.

The control panel is fitted to the control cabinet door with necessary keys and/or touch screens for operation.

The control panel can also be supplied remotely as a separate "key" panel, or as a PC solution.

Sufficient time and investment must therefore be planned for the design and software solution.


Data Secured Transmission System (dsts) for CEMS and System Data

Our preferred system avoids manipulated data after the fact.

So far, we have used secured PC systems for this purpose and offered data access via modems or other connections if desired.

To achieve the same goal, we now also offer to develop a suitable solution for your plant via the IOTA network.

The hardware requirements are reduced by the process.

IOTA provides a digitally secured infrastructure through which communication and payment can be made, e.g. for electricity, data, certificates, documentation.

The transactions are free of charge.

As each facility is adapted to local conditions and configured differently, this dsts must be developed or adapted for your facility.

In the short term, it represents an additional expense, but in the long term it pays off for you.

Are you ready?