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Monheim am Rhein

Monheim am Rhein is a town on the right (eastern) bank of the river Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Monheim belongs to the district of Mettmann – with the southern suburbs of Düsseldorf to the north, and the Bergisches Land to the south.

It consists of the city districts (from north to south) Baumberg (about one third) and Monheim (two thirds).


Monheim am Rhein Villa

Monheim has approximately 850 years of recorded history. It was first documented in 1150 as a fishermen's village in the Grafschaft (Earldom) Berg. It became the administrative centre for the surrounding villages (including many of the villages that now form Düsseldorf) in 1363, and stayed in that position until Napoleon formed the Rhine Confederation in 1806. Monheim, Baumberg and Hitdorf were then combined into a municipal corporation.

Monheim gained city status in 1960, ten years after it finally incorporated the neighbouring villages Baumberg and Hitdorf. At the end of 1974 Monheim was incorporated by Düsseldorf as part of a major municipal corporation reform. After a successful complaint in the federal state's constitutional court in Münster, the city became independent again on 1 July 1976, but lost Hitdorf to Leverkusen. Since 1994 the official city name has been Monheim am Rhein.

Economic status

Monheim is one of the most favorable tax locations in Germany and the European Union. The trade tax rate has been the lowest in North Rhine-Westphalia. As a result, more companies settled in Monheim, resulting in a sharp rise in the city's trade tax revenues. The city has therefore been debt-free since June 2013. Disadvantages have arisen due to the high density of companies in the labour market. There is a high demand with only a weak supply of free labour. For this reason, companies are moving also back to the old regions, as we will do.

Branch office Monheim

Branch office Monheim, Germany

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