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Environmental due diligence 

An attractive offer or a hidden financial trap?

Each investor knows the risks, that taking over of an enterprise can mean also you take over some contamination and other environmental dangers.

Environmental due diligence, the examination on possible environmental risk or cotaminated buildings, brings the facts to light what you should know before you invest. 

Possible risks of liability or need of cost-intensive redevelopment will be predetermined and the purchase price can be made conditional, as well as the purchase contract can be properly secured.

The Environmental due diligence can be oriented to international standards or to national laws and guidelines.

Our range of services

• Contaminated material investigation

• Fire protection investigation and preparation of fire protection plan acc. to laws/regulations

• Construction ground investigation and evaluation

• Constructional pollutants

• Plant safety, plant assessment (state of technology)

• Obtaining required licences

• Legal environmental requirements