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We  supply mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation engineering for any main or auxiliary system of thermal plants and power plants and have an extensive experience in power plant and energy generation sector. The company TEE is ZANNI Group member for the field of thermal process plants.


The range of activities includes also modernizing, retrofitting, refurbishment and upgrading of existing plants.

Main parts and focus of business are boiler equipment, such as burners, burner management, soot blowers, furnace equipment, etc.

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Based on their many years of experience, our engineers have the know-how on power plants.

Some of the systems we are involved are:

  • Fuel oil systems such as pumping stations, etc.
  • Air and flue gas systems, such as ventilators, desulphurization systems, etc.
  • Steam and condensate systems such as steam reducing station, feed water tank and pumps, etc.
  • Boiler equipment, such as burners, burner management, soot blowers, furnace camera, etc.
  • Other power plant equipment and systems, such as emergency power plant systems, compressor stations, and many others.
  • Control and instrumentation of all systems including analyzers, etc.

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