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DEKOMTE Expansion Joints

We supply quality fabric expansion joints, made from many different materials.

In principle, fabric expansion joints are best for gaseous media, such as air, exhaust gas and solvent fumes, particularly for operation below the dew point, in acidic environments, or for abrasive exhaust gases (e.g. containing coal dust).

A competent team of engineers and technicians are available with the latest computer models to provide temperature and displacement calculations or more specific final element models. New developments are implemented to optimise the life span of the expansion joints and their installations.

We work in accordance with a wide range of production procedures, standards adhered to include RAL, TÜV, DNV as well as patented solutions. A quality manufacturing process, which is appropriate to the material being used, guarantees the highest reliability.

DEKOMTE Expansion Joints

Fabric Joints are constructed of multilayer
DEKOMTE Expansion Jointstemperature and corrosion resistant insulating fabrics. In addition, gas-tight films/foils of PTFE,

Inconel, lead, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. can be supplied for special applications. Outdoor installations utilize abrasion resistant and non-ageing outer layers.

Our fabric expansion joints can be supplied in any geometric shape and dimensions. 


Our steel expansion joints are individually engineered and manufactured. The production methods used facilitate round, square or any other geometrical section, using laminated construction benefiting from no welded corners. 

Metal expansion joints are indispensable elements for pipeline technology. They are used to compensate for changes in length which arise in pipelines from temperature differences. In addition, they are able to absorb vibrations arising from pumps, motors, compressors or turbines. Axial, lateral or angular movements can be compensated. 

Our stainless steel expansion joints are manufactured of single-walled or multi-walled bellows.

For temperatures up to 900 Deg C, the standard material for bellows and piping is V2A or V4A. Special materials such as Hastelloy, Incoloy or Inconel can also be supplied.

We manufacture all imaginable kinds of expansion joints, this means axial, lateral and angular expansion joints, cardan-joint expansion joints, pressure relief expansion joints, chamber expansion joints and several other models.

Let us know your application, and we can advise the type of construction most suitable.

In 30 years of prominent professional company strategy it can be stated that DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik and its subsidiaries have matured to a technological economical authority that has a determining influence on the market.

Today, the name of DEKOMTE de Temple stands for high-tech expansion joint technology.


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