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Zanni+Partner has a comprehensive product and services spectrum for Gas Turbine (GT) Exhaust Systems.

We are a group of experts and work world wide in this field.


Range of products for GT Exhaust Systems

- Air intake systems
- Combustion air enhancement systems
- Exchange of filter systems

Heat insulation system without stiffener

Exhaust gas systems including

- Ducts, Stacks and Silencers
- Diverters and dampers
- Heat insulation systems without stiffeners
- Expansion joints
- Spare parts
- Maintenance and upgrading


Diverter damper insulation

Diverter damper insulation

Diverter damper insulation




Pictures: Internal insulation of diverter dampers (without stiffeners)

Air intake system

Picture: Air intake system

- Feasibility studies and technical reports
- Field Service
- Component reconditioning
- Engineering
- Customer training

After sales services
- Repowering of existing power plant
- Inspection technology
- Simulation verification
- Repair/restoration technology
- Spare parts
- Monitoring system


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Stationary Incinerators:

300-500 kg/h
1000-5000 kg/h

 Transportable Incinerators

Disease Control Units

 Thermal Processes -
Thermal Environmental Engineering

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